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If it weren't important, you wouldn't have put it on your Web site. And it doesn't matter how important your Web site is, if nobody can connect to it, it's useless. That's why using a CNETGlobal is such a smart choice. We make sure your Web site is up and running, all day, every day. But it's not just reliable, it's blazing fast. We deliver the fastest, most reliable virtual servers available anywhere. How do we do it? Check out some of our strategies:

Connectivity / Redundant Internet Connections
CNETGlobal connects to high-capacity, multi-megabit backbones, offering the fastest transport speeds available. CNETGlobal’s facilities offer complete neutral access to several tier-one carriers and service providers for connectivity. Carriers and providers can deliver a complete spectrum of products, scalability and connectivity levels, including: DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48 and OC-192. For world-class connectivity and services, CNETGlobal also offers: 10/100 MB and Gigabit Ethernet server access to LAN Multiple global, tier-one IP carriers for world-class backbone infrastructure Multiple and redundant Internet connections using BGP-4 load balancing to ensure traffic flow.

Mega Bandwidth / Quality Infrastructure
Certified with a Cisco-powered network, CNETGlobal deploys flagship series Cisco 7500 routers and Catalyst 6500 switches to connect its server segments to the Internet, exceeding the traffic management needs for customers’ high-bandwidth applications. Recognizing the "need for speed" and quick downloads, CNETGlobal’s facilities are provisioned with the bandwidth needed to handle traffic spikes. In plain English, that means your data is in good hands. Because if a router goes down, if a hub goes down, or even if some maniac grabbed a pair of scissors, broke through our server racks' bullet-proof glass and started cutting network cables, your website will stay online.

Our Customers

Our Customers are businesses, organisations and individuals who manage their Web sites on our servers remotely from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa 24 hours a day. While a good part of our client base is made up of direct customers, it's our resellers who have put us where we are today.