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Why Should I register a domain name?
There are over 125,000 names being registered on the Internet around the world every week, therefore if you do not register yours or your company's today, you may find someone else has taken it, and can be very costly then.

What can I do with my Domain name, once I register?

  • You have many options, the first being just to reserve your domain name, and wait until you are ready to use it anytime in future.
  • You may also use it as your own and permanent customized e-mail account, wherever you are located around the world. Therefore no matter how many times you change your local Internet Service Providers, your e-mail address always remains the same. You can for example use; , , ,
    etc... You are the one to decide...
    Therefore, take advantage of our FREE Web site & e-mail account with your own domain name.
  • You may move your domain from our server to any service provider as you wish and anytime.
  • You may also sell your domain if you wish.
How do I set up my e-mail program to use my registered domain's POP mail box?
  • This is perhaps the first thing you should do as soon as your domain is registered with us. All you need to do is from any of the common e-mail software's such as EUDORA, PEGASUS and Internet mail etc... In the setup part where you specify the POP3 mail box or account or incoming mail server, simply type in your domain name, for example "" with login name and password you wish us set up for your mail box. Therefore your new and permanent e-mail address becomes something like ""
  • As for outgoing messages, you may leave the set up as it is, i.e.. sending the messages through your local Internet Providers Server.

Can I access my messages from any country around the world?

YES you can access your messages, no matter where you are located, with an ordinary account with your Internet Service Provider, all you need to do is set up your e-mail software as indicated above, and when you logon to the Internet as usual through your provider, your e-mail software will access your messages from our server directly. And even more can use our Web based e-mail software for your Web site from anywhere with Internet access.

Can I move my domain name from another provider / server to your server?

  • YES, you may move your domain name from where it's stored currently to our server, and use it with any of the packages we have, Or even just benefit from the FREE domain parking features we offer.
  • You will have NO additional InterNIC cost, and you ONLY pay the cost of any package you sign-up for.
  • Many Local Internet Service Providers either charge you high charges to host your domain OR will not give you any features and benefits even to reserve or keep your domain like we do. Therefore, all you need to do is to have an ordinary account with your Local Internet Service Provider to be able to access the Internet, and benefit from our packages.

Can I resell OR Use my Web site to host my clients or customers?

  • YES, you may use your Web Site as you wish, such as hosting your customers/clients sites or web pages and you are free to charge them as you wish. So long as you do not exceed your storage space. If you run out of space simply upgrade to the next package.
  • For example you would issue your customers Web Site addresses such as "" etc...
  • If your customers/clients require Web sites with their own domain names, No problem check out our leading, simple and unbeatable reseller program for details.
  • However, note that you are responsible for all your clients/customers, and our usage policies apply to them as well.

How will I manage OR Can I manage my Web Site from another Country?

  • YES, very simple, all you need is to have an ordinary local Internet access account to give you Internet access through your local Internet Service provider.
  • With FTP access to your Web site, you have total control over your Web site, ie. you may upload (copy to) , delete files on your Web site as you wish using any FTP software.
  • There are many and FREE simple FTP software you may download from the Internet.

What if I need additional POP e-mail accounts and Autoresponders.

  • No problem you may have additional POP e-mail accounts in groups of 10 accounts at an additional one time setup fee of $49.
  • The difference between an alias and an e-mail account is that an e-mail account is accessed directly, while an alias goes into the main e-mail account you are accessing directly. For example if your domain is; , and your main account is; , when you check for your messages at , you retrieve all messages addressed to your domain name, i.e. such as, etc... your clients or customers do not know that you receive any messages addressed to you in one mail box. These unlimited e-mail addresses going into your main account are known as aliases. However, if you wish to have an additional e-mail POP mail box account that is accessed directly as well, we shall set it up, and messages for that address now have to be accessed directly as well.
Are there any discounts?
Check out our simple and unbeatable reseller OR multiple domain hosting program for details.

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